What Is a Variable Speed Air Conditioner?

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While standard and variable-speed air conditioners both cool your home in a similar way, there are some important differences between them. A standard air conditioner is either fully on or off, with no in-between. On the other hand, a variable-speed air conditioner can run at different speeds to meet your home’s climate control needs. When the temperature outside in very hot, it runs faster to provide adequate cooling for your home. But when it’s milder, it operates at a slower speed. A big advantage of having a variable-speed air conditioner in your home is that it provides you with better energy efficiency compared to a traditional one.

How Variable-Speed Air Conditioners Work

Every air conditioner has a compressor, which is most important part of the unit, as it pumps the refrigerant to and from the coils found in your indoor unit. A variable-speed air conditioner is able to automatically adjust the speed at which the compressor runs, instead of just cycling it on and off.

When the weather outside is very hot and you lower the thermostat, the compressor will work at a higher speed to cool down your home quickly. The blower will also speed up to provide more efficient cooling.

On the other hand, when the weather gets milder, such as at night, both the compressor and the blower will slow down, as less cooling power is required. While a variable-speed AC unit may run for longer time periods than a standard one, it uses a slower and less energy-consuming speed most of the time.

What Makes Variable-Speed Air Conditioners More Energy Efficient?

Variable-speed air conditioners take advantage of newer technology to bring you superior energy efficiency. As they consume less electricity, they’re more environmentally-friendly and save homeowners money on their utility bills. Here is how these newer air conditioners are able to achieve better energy efficiency:

Less Frequent On/Off Cycles

An air conditioner needs a lot of energy during the process of starting up. This is why a unit that stays up and running constantly will use less power during the same time period compared to one that needs to go through several on and off cycles. You can compare this to how a car gets better gas mileage on the highway compared to in the city, as stopping and starting uses more gas.

Lower Operating Speeds

When a variable-speed air conditioner runs, it has the ability to adjust its speed to cool your home in a reasonable amount of time, while maintaining energy efficiency. A standard air conditioner only operates at maximum speed for a while, then turns off, which makes it use up a lot more power while running.

Other Benefits Variable-Speed AC Units Offer

Less Noise

As a variable-speed AC runs at a lower speed most of the time, it will also be quieter in comparison to a standard air conditioner.

More Even Cooling

Because a variable-speed air conditioner runs for a longer time period, its cooling will be more even, reducing the presence of hot and cold spots in your home.

Better Humidity Control

While a standard air conditioner also removes humidity when it runs, a variable-speed model does a better job in this area. This is simply due to the fact that it runs longer, giving it the opportunity to get rid of more humidity..

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