5 advantages to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling in Columbus, Ohio.

Since 1986, we have serviced and installed heating and cooling systems in the Galena, Sunbury, Centerburg, Delaware, New Albany, Westerville, Worthington, Powell, Lewis Center, and Columbus, Ohio.

You may have even seen the small devices that are kept inside office buildings, restaurants, and homes that are used as part of the ductless heating and cooling system. Beyond that though, most people do not know very much about these unique and interesting systems. Wise Heating and Cooling has the experience and training to support you with your ductless heating and cooling experience. Applications for the most common rooms that we install these units are four season rooms, bonus rooms over the garage, and room additions. We hope you find the following information helpful when considering these systems.

1. A Highly Flexible Solution

The great thing about ductless cooling and heating systems is that they are made up of a small unit that is outside the building and then one or two units that are placed inside the building. They are a great alternative to electric baseboard heaters, space heaters, and window units.

2. They Save Money

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer homeowners the ability to save money. They have a much higher efficiency rating than traditional air conditioners or heat pumps. They can be set up in a way that allows them to cool specific zones in the home. Some homeowners may also be eligible for utility rebates, tax credits, and other benefits after installing a ductless system.

3. Easy and Quick to Install

Depending on where the ductless system will be installed, it may only take one day to do the entire install.

4. Better for the Environment

Ductless systems are more energy efficient than most air conditioning units. All of the ductless heating and cooling systems follow Energy Star guidelines. This ensures that less energy is used. Ductless systems use R410A, which has a reduced effect on the ozone.

Heating and cooling systems that require no ductwork are flexible and energy-efficient. They save homeowners money and provide a comfortable home or office environment year-round.

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