Top Signs of a Furnace Problem in Galena, Ohio

Since 1986, we have serviced and installed heating and cooling systems in the Galena, Sunbury, Centerburg, Delaware, New Albany, Westerville, Worthington, Powell, Lewis Center, and Columbus, Ohio.

In the case where your furnace is not working properly, we want you to feel comfortable to discuss any of these issues with us. We are trained to work on any make or model. If you find yourself with any of the following issues, it might be time to give us a call at Wise Heating and Cooling to ensure the proper next steps. Please don’t attempt to fix these issues on your own without professional help. You could injure yourself or compromise a warranty. These are possible signs that it is time to give us a phone call.

Thermostat Problems:

If the unit is a digital or programmable thermostat, this may be a sure sign that perhaps an old battery needs replacement with a new one.

Ignition Problems:

A failure to turn on when demand is made by the thermostat, may indicate problems with the direct or intermittent furnace ignition. A heating and cooling technician will know best how to determine the root cause of the problem.

Loud and Noisy:

A squeaking or rumbling, rattling noise may be a sign of possible air leaks or an equipment component that’s out-of-balance and needs some adjusting.

A Blower That Won’t Stop Running:

Making sure the thermostat is NOT set to “on” and set to “auto” or “off”. However, there are numerous other things that may be taking place, contact us to make sure it’s not something more serious–and costly.

Short-Cycle Operation:

A wrong-sized furnace often is the problem for some homes. Especially, if it’s too large for the house, a problem will surely arise. However, a short-cycle operation may also be a sign of a system blockage. After checking the size and type of the furnace filter, call Wise Heating & Cooling as soon as possible.

Not Enough or No Heat Being Produced:

Starting with the filters first, check with the power supply next. This could indicate whether there’s a unit malfunction or a failing ignition. Call Wise Heating & Cooling today if this occurs.

Unlit Pilot Light:

Commonly occurring when there’s a failed thermocouple, a clogged gas supply or because it was simply blown out by a strong draft, please call a technician if not fully comfortable in relighting the pilot light.

No matter what furnace problems are being experienced by homeowners or business owners in the Galena, Ohio area, don’t wait to call us now for a repair, installation or heating and cooling replacement job.